Social Responsibility

RWA interacts with a wide range of stakeholders and notwithstanding its own positive attitude to corporate social responsibility issues, believes that the company’s stakeholders deserve an open assurance of the standards maintained.



  • Maintains corporate responsibility policies on unlawful discrimination, equal opportunity, workplace health and safety encompassing Social Accountability 8000,and acts in compliance with ILO and UN Human Rights conventions.

  • Takes a socially responsible attitude in the business community recognising that it is a ‘people business’ often requiring solutions based on common humanity and whenever appropriate a charitable approach in the community.

  • Has an environmental policy which embraces the requirements of ISO 14001:2004 and through its management processes regularly reviews its outcomes against the Group’s internal and external objectives.

  • Maintains a Code of Ethics and Standard of Business Conduct policy and reviews this to ensure that integrity and best practice stay at the heart of the business.

Stakeholders are welcome to address any issues arising with Tom Wood, Director.