Peter Townsend

Head of Marketing

Peter is an award winning Marketing professional who has worked for some well known brands within Wales and England. He is a forward thinking marketer, who is always looking to enhance the customer journey and experience as well as to attract new clients to the company through innovative and value added strategies.


Peter's Vision:


RWA has a diverse portfolio of products and services, some of which benefit from a higher level of awareness within their industry sector than others. My vision is to incrementally build awareness around each of RWA’s business units, in order to firmly position the organisation as a ‘first choice’ partner and thought leader. We will achieve this by offering effective and innovative solutions, which are taken to market via compelling propositions, comprehensive integrated campaigns, and first-class customer service.


What Leadership Means For Peter:


Leaders instil confidence, think objectively, encourage creativity, get involved, recognise effort and achievement, manage strain and conflict, and ensure that individuals and teams fulfil their potential.


What Leadership Means For RWA:


Leadership is the ability to define a clear vision, gain the full support of stakeholders, manage the skills and resources required to deliver the vision, and collectively drive progress. 



What Leadership Means For Our Clients:


When considering leadership in relation to our clients, it can be viewed both as the act of leading others, but also as displaying leadership characteristics and credentials, which others recognise and wish to follow. Leadership is a two-way street, which balances the needs of both the leader, and those being led. Leadership can therefore be viewed as both having strong characteristics, and also outwardly portraying them to existing and potential clients, who are in need of support and guidance.