Tom Wood


Tom has been with RWA for over ten years, and in that time has built a team of professionals that continue to deliver outstanding service and develop innovative solutions to our clients. Passionate about change and developing sustainable futures, Tom is a transformational leader who was a winner at the Leading Wales Awards in 2014 and in the same year received a Distinction from Cardiff Metropolitan University for his Post Graduate Certificate in Sustainable Leadership. As well as his work leading the RWA team, Tom continues to work in the local Welsh community helping business start-ups, charities and enterprise facilitation initiatives.


Tom's Vision:


To see SMEs and local economies grow through sustainable development, based on the education and motivation of people that work in those businesses and communities. 


What Leadership Means To Tom:


Developing your people is a great way to grow your business. Your people are your biggest asset. A leader should look after their people and challenge them to develop. If your people are skilled and have the right knowledge then they will add tremendous value, deliver a great service and promote your business to your customers. It's a simple equation. Leadership should happen from within and good leaders will give their team the autonomy to make decisions, learn new skills and to be part of the fabric of the business at all levels.


What Leadership Means To RWA:


RWA has been built on a culture of good business governance based on developing sustainable futures for our people, our clients and the communities within which we work. Everyone within RWA gets to make decisions and to be part of the strategic development of our services and products. Together, we have spent many years considering and researching every detail and ingredient that goes into what we deliver. We are passionate that we have the best people to support our growing client base and through developing our people from within, we are able to effect change very quickly and react to our clients' requests with speed. Communication is key to all of this.


What Leadership Means To Our Clients:


We build long lasting relationships with our clients. This relationship is built on trust and open communication.