Stu Rolls

Head of eLearning & Development

Stu has worked for over 20 years in the field of sales and service delivery across both local authority and private sectors. The majority of this time has been spent in the areas of Learning & Development consultancy and practice. His experience has seen him work with major brands in overseas operations and financial services, such as TUI UK, Aviva and Close Brothers.


At RWA, Stu leads the learning and development proposition through My Development Zone, RWA e-Learning and RWA Training, working closely with the RWA development team in designing and innovating new L&D products whilst making sure our clients are maximising their own opportunities with our learning systems and internal training & competence.


Stu's Vision:


To educate the business world.


My Development Zone is perfectly placed to be the low cost learning platform of choice for businesses and independent learners alike. Suitable for those who are starting their career, are currently in work, or are looking for a new direction. Workplace skills will be delivered directly, regardless of where in the world they are. 


We have made 'On Demand Learning' the new 'must have' service provision.


What Leadership Means To Stu:


Leading a highly skilled team is not only exciting, it is truly informative and rewarding on so many levels. I learn everyday as a leader just how creative and committed the team is. In terms of what leadership means to me; I believe it is very important that the team feel they have the trust in place to pursue their tasks without hindrance; that the team are supported when required without question; and that as a leader you never lose sight of each individual in that team. Team leadership is about harnessing a positive and collective contribution from all, whilst getting your hands dirty, too.      


What Leadership Means To RWA:


For the business; it is essential that all our specialisms are lead cohesively and on message with the wider strategy in mind at all times. We are fortunate to have an incredible leadership team representing great experience from across the UK. The business encourages personal style and autonomy which is refreshing. It's essential that our leaders strive for strong B2B and B2C relationships, promote healthy internal customer focus and facilitate efforts that support our clients and customers to ensure they win in their respective markets.


What RWA Leadership Means To Our Clients:


The greatest compliment to our leadership at RWA is when our clients look to us for thought, insight and advice. We have a long history of this being the case. Clients should quite simply see and feel that their best interests are our business. Any interaction with our teams should promote trust and a high level of service that is consistent - regardless of the size of the organisation enquiring or the opportunity that presents itself. Internally, we lead collaboratively. Externally, we should be no different.